National Managers Code of Conduct

Information regarding what is expected of people using the forums.
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National Managers Code of Conduct

Post by Admin_team » Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:10 am

• To enhance communication and activity amongst all interested parties for the country you have been elected

• To prevent conduct which:
  • o Encourages unfair behaviour
    o Creates a hostile or intimidating environment
Standards of Behaviour:
Leadership Expectations:
In your role as U20 / Senior national manager, it is expected that you will take the lead and set an example for the rest of the management team to conduct appropriate behaviour both in the game and on the game forums.

Expected Behaviours:

• You remain active in FTP for the entire length of your elected term, which is 2 seasons (or 29 weeks). Active for this purpose means logging in at least once a week. Should you be unable to perform your role for whatever reason:
  • o An assistant must be installed who has the access to perform all of the required duties of a national manager in your absence, and
    o the Admin team must be informed of the temporary management arrangements that will be ongoing for any period longer than two weeks.
• You are encouraged and expected to hire assistants (up to a maximum of three) to help with the running of a national team. An assistant role is a great way for another user to get involved with running of a national team and could help reduce the workload.

• Responding to received messages (either in game or on the FTP forums) about the national team in a timely manner. If you are constantly being spammed by a user, you can contact the Admin team via the appropriate channels to get it looked at.

• To select the best players or best suited players available, when possible.

• Where possible, actively promoting involvement for the country you have been elected to through means deemed appropriate. Examples of this may be:
  • o Contacting managers with players in the squad about upcoming matches and team selections.
    o Creating match banter during international matches on the FTP forums.
    o Communicating with the community in a timely manner through in game messaging, FTP forums or offsite regarding the following:
    • - Friendly and tour matches
      - Official match squads (tours and world cup)
      - Upcoming talent
      - Training programs
      - Other things relevant to the national setup
Examples of Unacceptable Behaviours:
• Adding/Removing a player to/from the squad for the primary purpose of increasing/decreasing his value at a time when he appears on the TM.
• Adding a player to the squad for the primary purpose of personal gain.
• Not remaining active during the management period.

Expected Action if Unacceptable Behaviour Occurs:
It is the responsibility of managers to report suspect behaviour through the appropriate channels to the Administration Team.
In situations where unacceptable behaviours occur, the Administration team have the ability to apply the appropriate disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action
Disciplinary measures may be warranted, including for example written warnings or reprimands, suspension or termination.

The required amount of disciplinary action required will be determined by the Administration team responsible for the management of From The Pavilion. Their decision will be final.

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Re: National Managers Code of Conduct

Post by MD-Summit » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:48 am


Running and operating a National level team can be a time consuming task. The FTP admin team requests that all Managers hire assistants.

Various roles can and should be delegated across the team to not only increase team match performance but just as importantly, community engagement.

As FTP moves into a new era and more changes/updates are occurring to the game the National scene will at some stage be going over a change and transition.

The National manager role is a community reward for engagement and proven tactical ability. This needs to be continued throughout the tenure.

The National Manager from season 43 onwards is now expected to complete or delegate the following tasks:
- Always have a National Squad of 25 players whenever possible
- Select 18 touring players as per tour requirements each tour
Managing Director

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